Friday, February 24, 2012

List Files In Directory

A simple program for listing all files in a certain directory by calling a VBA Macro Code.


The program is set up by giving input about which folder/directory that the program shall analyse. The VBA program then uses the Dir function to get the information about what files are stored in the folder/directory. Then the program simply writes the data to the worksheet. It is possible to use the data in an array if wanting to modify and use the code in an other program. This is a good function when you need to write something or perform an operation to all files stored in a certain folder but you do not know exactly what the files are called or how many they are.


Public Sub List_Files_In_Directory()


Dim List_Files_In_Directory(10000, 1)
Dim One_File_List   As String
Dim Number_Of_Files_In_Directory As Long

One_File_List = Dir$("C:" + "\*.*")
Do While One_File_List <> ""
    List_Files_In_Directory(Number_Of_Files_In_Directory, 0) = One_File_List
    One_File_List = Dir$
    Number_Of_Files_In_Directory = Number_Of_Files_In_Directory + 1

Number_Of_Files_In_Directory = 0
While List_Files_In_Directory(Number_Of_Files_In_Directory, 0) <> tom
    Range("A5").Offset(Number_Of_Files_In_Directory, 0).Value = List_Files_In_Directory(Number_Of_Files_In_Directory, 0)
    Number_Of_Files_In_Directory = Number_Of_Files_In_Directory + 1

End Sub

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